Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000 19:24:02 +0100

From: samir chhabra

Subject: Displaced radial head fracture

A 29 year old rt handed lorry driver and deliverer of heavy parcels had a fracture of his left radial head 3 weeks back.

At 7 days following the injury

Symptoms: pain, and restriction of movement. He also had discomfort at the distal radioulnar joint though there was no clinical or radiological evidence of DURJ subluxation. Following a local anaesthetic  injection in the elbow the pain disappeared but his forearm remained in neutral position with 15 deg. of supination and 20 degrees of pronation.


I did an open reduction and Herbert screw fixation. On table before opening the # there was a block to pronation and supination to the same extent as noticed preop. (Post op films:radial head2)

Postop lateral

One week following surgery:

His pain returned and again could not move his forearm at all, stuck in neutral position. Repeat x-rays confirmed the suspicion that the fixation had failed and the fragment had displaced again. His pain at the DURJ has subsided.

1 week postop

What do I do now?????

According to myself, my options are:

Please advise,

Samir Chhabra

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