1: J Bone Joint Surg Br  1981 Feb;63-B(1):29-32 

Excision arthroplasty for tuberculous and pyogenic arthritis of the hip.

Tuli SM, Mukherjee SK.

Thirty patients with chronic pyogenic or tuberculous arthritis of the hip
treated by Girdlestone's excision arthroplasty were reviewed two to seven years
after operation. There was marked or complete relief of pain in 29, control of
infection in 27, squatting and sitting cross-legged was possible in 27, and 16
were able to stand on the operated limb. Overall results were good in 16, fair
in nine, and poor in five. Tuberculous disease was not reactivated and the use
of traction for 12 weeks and a weight-relieving caliper for 12 months after
operation helped to reduce the shortening to an average of 3.8 centimetres.
Excision arthroplasty is considered a sound operation to restore the ability to
squat and sit cross-legged.

PMID: 7204469 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]