Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 18:49:25 +0100

Subject: Hamstring Injury

40 yr old, keen footballer (non professional, but regular). cycling, jogging, aerobics etc being other activities.Fell during a game of football about 7 days ago and felt a crack in the region of right gluteal region. When seen he had bruising and swelling with a palpable gap just distal to ischial tuberosity. Flexion of knee weak (grade 3/5). Problem with MR scanner so only managed to get one done yesterday. (10th june). No sciatic nerve involvement.

Literature suggests they should be repaired if MR shows tendon avulsion rather than muscle or musculo-tendinous injury.

MR scan (could not get images today, will try tomorrow) shows semimembranosus and semitendinosus avulsion with some retraction but biceps tendon could not be made out clearly due to soft tissue edema and hematoma (according to radiologist).

Since patient would like to remain active, I am planning to explore and try to reattach the tendon using suture anchors. Anybody with experience in this situation? Anything I should watch out for?



Mr.K.Rajesh, MS(Orth), DipNB(Orth),FRCS,FRCS(Orth)
Locum Consultant
Tameside General Hospital

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