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Presented by: TDECOSTE@medusa.unm.edu - Wed, 31 Jan 1996 13:23:08

Four Month Followup.

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The patient is now 4 months post injury. 2 weeks ago I aligned thefibula with an open IM pin and added 3 transfixation wires to middle pieces.The patient has some but minimal callus despite 1) accordion 2) weightbearing3) electrical stimulation. The soft tissue looks ok but is kind of drippingoff his bone posteriorly like hot wax off a candle. I instituted proneposition 12 hrs/day to make gravity helpful some of the time and this seemsto have improved the situation a bit. A segment of fibula was chopped inpieces and placed posterior to the tibia jct mid distal 1/3 2 weeks ago.Original post-operative film scanned with a Howtech DX-2 ScanMaster (reduced from 144 to 72 dpi, saved @10:1 JPEG compression)

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scan courtesy of Dave Ryon, MD, Kingston Diagnostic Center,Kingston, NY

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