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Presented by: TDECOSTE@medusa.unm.edu - Wed, 29 May 1996 18:23:29

Nine Month Followup.

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Patient is 30 yo male 9 months status post severely comminuted tibia fracture (plateau, shaft, plafond) treated with ring fixator and free flap. Soft tissue coverage good. 10 wks since last procedure (bone graft plus additional wires). The pin tracts are OK. Minimal callus.
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Four Month Followup


Date: Sun, 02 Jun 1996 17:29:09 -0600Subject: response to 9 month follow-up tibia fractureFrom: ken bookstein very difficult case.  i believe that an amputation always needs to beconsidered troughout the reconstruction process.  however, thisdecision is made between the patient and the surgeon only.  if you aregoing to forge ahead there are two options that i might try.  i can't  seethe xrays well but one option is a massive posterolateral bone  grafttaking from the psis and if necessary greater trochanter with  the patientin the supine position trying to create a one bone tibia.   the secondoption would depend on better films but would try a bifocal  corticotomywith compression at the nonunions site and distraction at  the corticotomysite.  however its just my opinion kyle dickson